Agency Profile...

Loving Heart International Adoption Agency (est. 2000) is a non-profit organization licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services in Ontario, under the Intercountry Adoption Act to facilitate adoptions from Bulgaria and Lithuania.

The idea of creating our organization originated in discussions with families considering adoption. Their experience and moral support is very helpful and valuable to us!

Our agency is the first in Ontario to initiate official contacts with the adoption authorities in Bulgaria and Lithuania. Loving Heart is also licensed to facilitate adoptions from Serbia, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are currently developing an adoption program for Macedonia.

Over the years the agency has established excellent working relationship with the Bulgarian adoption authorities and completed many successful adoptions from Bulgaria.

We are dedicated to helping Canadian families achieve their dream of raising a child.

Each member of our staff holds high ethical values and feels strongly about the humanitarian aspects of adoption. The Program Director of the Agency (Mrs. Elena Georgiev) has many years of experience in the health care field in Eastern Europe and Canada. Our attorneys in Bulgaria and Lithuania have extensive experience in successfully completing many international adoptions.

Our staff and Board of Directors, being well informed of the Foreign Adoption Laws and cultural specifics, are making every effort to organize and provide sensitive, efficient and successful service in the best interest of the children and complete satisfaction of the adoptive parents.


Mission Statement

Our non-profit organization has as a main objective to help the children and the adoptive parents achieve happiness and a better future.

  • The children are our future

It is our deep belief that the children are the future of the world. Every child deserves a loving and caring family!

  • High ethical values

Adoption is very honourable and ethical. We are determined to make the process of international adoption based on honesty, sincerity and professional ethics.

  • Excellent knowledge and respect for the laws governing the adoption process

The staff of the Agency, as well as our foreign counterparts, have detailed knowledge of the adoption laws and requirements of Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are currently developing a program which will allow Canadian families to adopt children from Macedonia.